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LONG BEACH RV & CAMPING RESORT (Thousand Trails) Seaview, WA

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This review is based on ADA accessiblity, our experience and opinion. Your mileage may vary.


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We love this park, but the accessibility could be better.

Upon check-in you have to park at the gate, exit your vehicle and enter the welcome center to register. There is a ramp into the building.

The entire park is level. Mobility scooters and wheelchairs will not have a problem getting around this park.

There are no ramps to any of the cabins or yurts. Stairs only.

All the restrooms have ADA complaint toilet stalls. The shower by the pool has a hand held shower wand. The wand is situated high up on the wall, out of reach for a little or seated persons and there is no holder for the wand lower down. There was an adjustable holder at one time which is incompatible with the current wand. At the time of this update there was a plastic lawn chair inside the dressing portion taking up space in both shower stalls. I (Joyce) could not get my scooter completely inside the space because of it. Don and I have differrent opinions on the chair. I think it's a barrier, he thinks it's their way of providing a transfer seat.We'd like to know what you think.

They place trash cans against the wall inside the entry door of the laundry and restrooms. This narrows the opening, creating a barrier for wheelchairs.

The handicap parking space for the laundry/restrooms by the pool does not have a cross hatch. There's a foot trodden path to the facilities from the parking space on the driver side, not easily accessed by scooter or wheelchair.

Rest rooms at the back of the park have a ramp, but the door is raised above ground level. You have to step up after opening the door to access the building.

The pool and spa are small, but adequate. There is an ADA lift assist for the pool.

Additional Information:

Nearest grocery store is 1.5 miles west of the park on Hwy 101. We drove our TravelScoot's to the store and back with power to spare.

There is a foot path to Discovery Trail and the beach from the park. Discovery Trail and the beach is inaccessible on this trail if you use a scooter or wheelchair due to sand. Your best bet is to drive to the public access at 2nd St NE off Pacific Ave S in Long Beach. "Scoopers" is on the corner, you can't miss it.  Plenty of handicap parking available.

I drove my TravelScoot from the park west along Willows Rd to 30th St. where you find the  Red Lake Trailhead at the end of the road. There was a little bit of sand and rough terrain but I managed. I made it to Discovery Trail and headed north to the 38th St Seaview Beach Approach.  Check the times for the tides and try to go when tides are highest. If you are still somewhat mobile, you might be able to reach the water, otherwise you'll need a balloon tire vehicle to reach the surf.

The Kite Museum on 2nd St NE loans out "sand buggies". These are chairs made of PVC with balloon tires that you can use to push the occupant through the sand and onto the beach. They also offer motorized ones. 

Discovery Trail is extremely fun if you have an electric bike or scooter. It's curvy with ups and downs. You'll have your work cut out for you if you're pushing a wheelchair. There is also a nice level boardwalk at 2nd St NE, perfect for power chairs, wheel chairs and scooters with information placards along the railing.

Not far from the park are the light houses and Fort Canby. Fort Canby is 100% ADA friendly and absolutely worth a visit.