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Our Mobility Scooters by TravelScoot

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When we first started out we needed to get mobility sccoters so scoured the internet for what we thought would be the best things for us, considering we would be going "off roading" a lot.  We wanted it to be reliable, rugged, fast and go a long way on a charge. They also had to be ADA complaint.

We settled on high end recreational scooters that fit our requirements (so we thought). We took out a low interest loan through Northwest Access Fund to be able to get them, using our van and trailer as collateral. They ended up being complete pieces of junk. They kept breaking down and ffinally died completely. They took up a lot of space and were difficult to load and unload from our vehicles. We offered them up as parts on Craigslist, even though we still owed over $600 from the original $4200 loan. We were glad to be rid of them.

With that lesson learned, we re-evalutated what it was that we wanted and needed out of a mobility scooter. Did we really need all that speed? No, not really.  We decided that we needed something small and light yet still had enough "umpf" to get up a gravely hill. It has to be strong enough to support our weight.  We looked and looked and one day happened upon a TravelScoot video on Youtube.

Eureka! I think we found what we've been looking for.  They also turned out to be local! We went to the showroom and tried one out.  I was instantly in love with it.  We checked them out on the BBB and Amazon reviews. Everything checked out. Seems everyone loved theirs.  I posted about it to my wall on Facebook. The next day we were prepared to contact Northwest Access Fund to see if we could refinance the loan to get this scooter.  A friend saw my post and the next thing I know there was a Paypal notification that money had been deposited.  WHAT? I couldn't believe it and cried for at least a half an hour out of shear joy and relief.  Needless to say, we ran back to the showroom the next day!