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Troubles with Gary and Basal Cell Carcinoma

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Joyce here.

Oct 12 has not been good to us and I'm starting to dread October at all.

We decided that since the truck has been running OK, and that we can't go south for the winter because I have a skin cancer that needs to be removed this month, that we would pay off one of our loans with most of our emergency fund.

Today we needed to move from Thunderbird RV Resort to Tall Chief RV Resort. About half way there Gary the Truck started sputtering and back firing indicating a fuel problem. We got lucky and found a wide open spot in what is normally a shoulderless road and rested for a bit to think about our next move.

Don wanted to limp the truck and trailer to the park and I almost burst into tears. There are windy turns and it goes mostly uphill and there are no shoulders on the route. The last thing we need is to get stuck on one of those turns.

I had the idea to unhook the trailer and have someone tow it and Don can limp the truck to the RV park.  I got on Craigslist and found this ad and gave him a call. He said he could arrive at 5:30.  With that, Don left with the truck and I waited.


Don made it to the park, got us checked in and got us our favorite handicap spot right next to the upper lodge. Slava arrived on time. He's a wonderful young man from Russia starting his own business. He knew I was stressed out and in a very claming voice in a heavy Russian accent, he assured me that he will take care of everything, that there was nothing to worry about. He had us hooked up in no time flat and we arrived at the park just as it got dark. The rain came right as he was leaving. We had a wonderful conversation on the way to the park and it was as if I had just made a new friend.

If you ever need RV towing service, PLEASE give Slava a call or text.  You won't regret it.

In the meahtime, we have to think what our next move is. If we can't get the truck fixed, I'll need a ride to get the skin cancer removed. We will also need a tow back to Thunderbird.