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This review is based on ADA accessiblity, our experience and opinion. Your mileage may vary.


1 out of 5 Stars

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Upon check-in you park in the large open graveled area to the right of the gate. If you have  checked-in online or there is no ranger that can come to you, you will have to exit your vehicle to get your paperwork.  Then you turn around to go back through the gate.

The rest room on the south side by the mini-golf is not ADA compliant. There are no knobs for temperature adjustment in the shower. Just a 15 minute timer. The temp you get is the temp you get. Don normally takes cooler showers than I do and he felt that it was too hot. I thought it was just right.

The rest room on the south side by the pool and laundry is wheelchair accessible. There is a transfer seat located directly under the shower head.  There is no hand-held shower wand. You sit behind and away from the flow of water The bench in the changing area on next to the shower is, at most, 8" wide which leaves only enough room for someone with a butt the size of a toddler. If someone flushes while you're in the shower, be ready for a hot surprise.

Handicap site #11 (on the south side of the reserve) doesn't have sewer hookup when all the sites around it do. This makes no sense to us. It's as if it was put in as an after thought. It's located very close to the lodge, pool, spa, laundry, mini golf and rest room.  It's long, wide and fairly level. WARNING: The playground is literally right next to the site. If children screaming as if they're being murdered bothers you, you might want to find another spot.  If you stay to the areas that are close to the road which divides the park, you'll have no trouble getting around and accessing any of the facilities.

None of the cabins or yurts are wheelchair accessible.

Additional Information:

Although the park is split in half by a main road which is busy during the day, there's nearly no traffic at night.

The main facilities are located near the road on the south half of the park.

There's no store. Monroe is very nearby so there's no problem with access to shopping.

The park is clean and well maintained.

It's difficult to get reservations during the busy season due to the high number of "monthly" and "annual" customers taking up most of the spots on the south side of the park where all the full hookups are.

The north side of the park is level.

There are no rest rooms on the north side of the park, and no porta potties were available the last time we visited.

There is a lodge on the north side of the park, but again, no rest room.

The laundry accepts pocket weights (quarters) or debit cards.

Free WiFi is available around the Big Red Barn or you may purchase WiFi  from Jabba Communications. Our only experience with Jabba was horrible. Their 2 star review on Yelp! can attest to this.