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TravelScoot Adventures in Long Beach

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Joyce here.

June 24th I decided to take a trip to the Seaview Beach Approach with my TravelScoot.  I plotted out the trip with Google Maps, checking the time it would take and the distance. Everything looked good to go for what the scooter could do and I headed out.

I easilly made it to the beach. I made one mistake and that was to not check the tides. I went when ties were going out so the surf was too far out for me to reach by foot.

I tested the battery that came with Don's used scooter. I used Google Maps to measure the distance for one lap around the Long Beach Thousand Trails Campground. I then went around and around counting the laps.  I went 5.5 miles with some battery to spare.  This was with my weight and flat terrain.  

Then I plotted the trip to the grocery store as we were running low on supplies. It turned out to be 3 miles round trip, so I knew the used battery would be able to get me there and back. We were good to go with Don using my big battery on his scooter while towing the utility cart. We make it there and back with battery to spare on both scooters.

Next adventure will be both of us getting to the Seaview Beach Access to view and films fireworks on Independance Day.