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Time Flies When You're Having Fun

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It was one year ago Oct 12th  that I tripped on a tree root at Chehalis RV Campground which resulted in the multiple fracture of the 5th metatarsul in my left foot.  We were 1 week away from heading south. We couldn't go. I was so depressed.

This time, it looks like we're gonna actually make it. Don managed to get to his doctor appointments and got the OK to travel so we're finally making our way south.  After Seaside, we stayed one night at Pacific City RV Resort in Cloverdale because of the poor internet situation. The only internet was at the lodges and we had zero cell signals. Nice park, too, but we won't be doing any extended stays there.

We stayed one week at Whaler's Rest RV Campground in South Beach. They have free WiFi throughout the park. They use that same crappy Jabba Communications just like at Thunderbird in Monroe, WA  (except you have to pay for the privledge at Thunderbird). I managed to be able to game, but experienced lag and disconnects at times (same as we experienced at Thunderbird).  I had zero bars for Verizon and Sprint. Don got good signal with AT&T.  It's times like that where having different cell carriers comes in handy.

Whaler's Rest is a large park and it's really nice, but it's quite hilly, not unlike Mount Vernon RV Campgroing in Bow, WA.  If we can't get one of the 6 ADA sites at the front of the park, we won't be doing extended stays there either. Those are the only spots that are on the same level with the facilities. They have 24 hour laundry, which is awesome. We recommend the place for regular people, it's just not mobility-challenged friendly due to the hills.

We just arrived at South Jetty RV Campground in Florence, OR. There were 2 sewer sites open. "Oh great!", we thought. We pulled into one and unhooked. Then the electrician pulled up to "fix" something with the utility. He said that he was done, but then Don received a shock. We had to hook back up and move to a non-sewer site. That's the second time we've had to hook back up because of the power not working. First time was in La Conner RV Campground.

Well, time to put up some Halloween lights on the inside of the trailer this time. It's just too cold, windy and wet to put anything outside.  We are quite anxious to reach Russian River RV Campground in Cloverdale California. We are already sick of this weather!

Until next time, be excellent to one another.  ~Joyce