Disabled Nomads

Being disabled shouldn't mean you can't have fun, be happy and enjoy nature.


Thousand Trails Mount Vernon RV Campground

Would you like to support us and this project at no extra cost to you? If you want to sign up for a Thousand Trails membership, please contact Beth Hensch by phone at 360.790.5280 or via email by writing to [email protected] and tell her that Santa D sent you.

This review is based on ADA accessiblity,  our experience and opinion. Your mileage may vary.

Short Version:

This is one of our favorite parks but it's so hilly, you have to use your car/truck to get to any of the facilities. Steep hills, dirt and gravel roads and steep paths make using mobility devices difficult. There are a few handicap sites located near rest rooms and dumpsters. 2 of these sites are located near same, but the rest rooms are closed due to electrical problems. None of the rest rooms have a hand held shower wand in the handicap stall. For these reasons we give the park 3 stars.

Long Version:

This park is really nice. It's well maintained and very clean. Although handicap accessible, it's not handicap friendly, hence only 3 stars. Steep, loose dirt and gravel roads and paths makes using moblitity devices very difficult.  To get to the adult section of the lodge, for example, you have to use the stairs, otherwise you're required to go outisde and down, around the building to the lower level. There are no rest rooms on the lower level in the adult section so you'll have to either go back up the hill to the ones in the family section or go all the way to the bath house, which is on the same level. 

It has a very nice pool. The spa (as of this writing) is out of commission. They have been waiting eons for the permits to be able to install the new one that they have.  There are steps leading out from the bath house to the pool. To avoid the steps you have to go back outside and around the building to the gate on the fence that surrounds the pool. The latch is not readily accessible (to prevent children and short people from opening it) so you'll need a tall, standing person with you if you want to get it open.

The staff is fantastic. The family lodge is always beautifully decorated. They have very fun activities scheduled all year (even in the off season). Along with having a pool, this is what makes it one of our favorite parks.

The washers and dryers accept debit cards.

The "over flow" camping is located near the pool which have electric hookups only.

WiFi hotspot is located in the family lodge. Signal is spotty and best location for a signal is the tables near the store and the rest rooms.  One camper purposely parks his RV in the "over flow" section as he's able to get WiFi from there using a WiFi booster.

The Skagit Speedway is close to the park. If you're looking for some peace and quite on your camping trip when you stay here, be sure to check their schedule before making your reservation. It's LOUD.  http://www.skagitspeedway.com/schedule/

The Skagit Casino and Resort is very close to the park too. We can get to that with our electric vehicles. We like to go there for their burgers and fries, ocassionaly. They're very delicious!