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This review is based on ADA accessiblity, our experience and opinion. Your mileage may vary. 2 OUT OF 5 STARS...

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This is the only Thousand Trails park in Arizona.

You don't have to exit your vehicle to register. They will come to you.

The park is located at a high elevation (appx 3,300 feet).  At times we had a hard time breathing. We were more fatigued, stiff and sore than usual. High elevation (low pressure) and arthritis are not friends.

The park is huge and hilly betwen the sections. The new sites they are putting in are made with small loose gravel that wouldn't be good for mobility scooters.  The older sites are OK.

There are handicap parking spots at the lodges, but the door to the main lodge is far from the parking lot.

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There are no transfer seats in the handicap shower. There are hand held shower wands, but they are located high up on the wall and no hanger lower down where you can reach it from a seated position.

There is a trail to the river that is completely inaccessible to folks with special needs.

Normal people will love this park. It's very nice and the scheduled events are a ton of fun, just be prepared, depending on your level of mobility, to bring your own transfer seat and someone to hold the shower wand for you or use your own facilities. You will have to use your car to get from section to section.

The towns of Jerone and Cottonwood are nearby.  Don thought he was having a cardiac event while we were there and called 911. The EMTs were already at the gate by the time he was driven up to it.

Cell service was severely limited in the A section which is located in the lower section. It's OK from the sites farther up hill.