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TURTLE BEACH RESORT (Thousand Trails) Manteca, CA

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This review is based on ADA accessiblity, our experience and opinion. Your mileage may vary.


Would you like to support us and this project at no extra cost to you? If you want to sign up for a Thousand Trails membership, please contact Beth Hensch by phone at 360.790.5280 or via email by writing to elizabeth_hensch@equitylifestyle.com and tell her that Santa D sent you.

Upon arrival,  park in the right hand lane at the gate. They will come down out of the lodge which is on the hill above to check you in. No need to exit your vehicle.

The staff is great and this is a lovely park for regular people who like to camp, fish or go boating, but those with special needs would be better to provide all their own accomodations.

The lodge is located up a hill. There is a short steep ramp going to the lodge. Our scooter failed to reach the top of the ramp on full batteries. We tried several times. Our scooter is rated for 19° inclines. We would need a running start to get to the top of their ramp and that's not possible with the existing configuration. Heavier devices might be able to make the climb, we don't know. Pushing a wheel chair up the ramp might prove to be a challenge, too.

There are no wheelchair accessible flush toilets or showers. There is 1 wheelchair accessible porta-potty in the entire park and that's by the shower trailers which are not wheelchair accessible.

Additional Information:

Aside from the hill where the lodge is located, the park is flat with slight inclines here and there that are easily navigable with electric devices. They have good sized speed bumps so expect to go off road, in the grass, to get around them.

The only access to the river for people with special needs would be via the ramp at the boat launch.

We have to be honest. We don't know how they get away with calling this a resort. There's a club house and camping, but nothing else. No rentals,  laundry, store, shuffleboard, tennis, horse shoes, mini-golf, pickleball courts of anything of the sort. There is only the lodge, RV parking, dry camping and river access.