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RUSSIAN RIVER RV CAMPGROUND (Thousand Trails) Cloverdale, CA

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This review is based on ADA accessiblity, our experience and opinion. Your mileage may vary.


Thousand Trails Russian River Campground Map

Would you like to support us and this project at no extra cost to you? If you want to sign up for a Thousand Trails membership, please contact Beth Hensch by phone at 360.790.5280 or via email by writing to elizabeth_hensch@equitylifestyle.com and tell her that Santa D sent you.

Upon check-in you stop at the gate on the right lane.  It's close enough to the shack that they can come out to you so you don't have to exit your vehicle.  The left lane is for through traffic because that's where the keypad is located.

Roads are paved asphalt.

This preserve is hilly and will eat up batteries on electric mobility devices. There is no pool or spa. The road and trails to the river, and the river itself, are completely inaccessible to people with special needs. 

Most sites are made on narrow mounds that are flat and level on top. We do not recommend these sites if you have wheelchair or balance issues as they are quite narrow. I would be afraid of falling off.

The club house is ADA accessible. The A section is the closest to the club house. We stayed in the C section.

None of the rentals are wheelchair accessible.

The restrooms have 2 sets of shower heads. A regular one and a lower one with a handheld wand and a separate transfer seat. The restrooms are the best thing about this park.

Additional Information:

We probaby won't be going back unless it's to blow through to another destination or recooperate for a couple of days, from a long drive.

There is no pool or spa. There is, however, snakes and poison oak. There is a river accessible via a steep paved road, not recommended for mobility devices. Just don't do it. Go by car if you're curious. We were not able to find any kind of ADA access to the river, so it's off limits for the handicapped as far as we know. 

Park is hilly and will eat up batteries on electric mobility devices. Section A is the closest to the club house. The club house is ADA accessible.

We had 1 bar of AT&T and 1-2 bars of Verizon. There is WiFi at the club house. They were installing Jabba Communications towers throughout the park while we were there. We're guessing it won't be free. Will update this post once we know more.

Frankly, #C59 is the best site in the park. It is next to one of the cabins so there's no one next to you on the patio side, there's no "cliffs" to worry about falling off of and plenty of patio space for wheelchairs. The rest room is directly behind the site. We think site #C59 should be designated handicap, not the one several spots away, of which some folks were occupying who were not handicapped that we know of (they had no special plates, no placard displayed and no mobility devices---just a nice patio area for watching their outdoor TV and fenced area for their dog).

The hand held shower wand was missing from the ladies shower in the C section. Aparantly, this was the 4th time in one year that the wand has been stolen. Whoever steals anything from a public handicap shower, should fall and break a hip. Really. Who does that?!