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PALM SPRINGS RV RESORT (Thousand Trails) Desert Palm, CA

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This review is based on ADA accessiblity, our experience and opinion. Your mileage may vary.


Would you like to support us and this project at no extra cost to you? If you want to sign up for a Thousand Trails membership, please contact Beth Hensch by phone at 360.790.5280 or via email by writing to elizabeth_hensch@equitylifestyle.com and tell her that Santa D sent you.

You are checked in at the guard shack. The shack is small and close enough that they will come to you to register. No need to exit your vehicle.

There are 445 sites, only 7 are designated handicap. Of the 5 rest rooms located in this park, only 1 has an ADA shower with transfer seat and hand held shower wand. It is located in the A section. The others have ADA shower, but no transfer seat or hand held shower wand. 2 of the rest rooms do not even have a wheel chair accessible toilet stall.

There are 2 rentals with ramps, but only 1 is available. The other one is occupied by a full-timer.

There are 2 ramps to the lodge on the east side of the park. Joyce was easily able to get up the ramp located at the front of the building where the fountain is located.

The secondary ramp located on the other side was shorter and steeper. Joyce had her scooter set on speed 15-25mph and even with a running start, was only able to get 3/4 of the way up. She had to use the railings to push herself up the rest of the way.


Additional Info:

Park is flat and easily navigable with mobility devices. Most sites are flat, paved asphalt and are pull through. They are not level side to side, be prepared to use leveling blocks.

Park is very clean and well maintained. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Except for being ADA challenging in regards to the restrooms, we really like this park a lot. There are a lot of community activities and things to do (pot lucks, card games, swap meets, garage sales, bingo, etc.).

WiFi was not available at the time we visited . They were in the process of installing Jabba Communictions towers. We are not fans of this company based on our past experience with them (dropped signals and intermittent slow speeds). You will pay for WiFi at your campsite, but it will be free at the lodges.

Satellite TV is excellent throughout the park. Major shopping available within a 5 mile radius, grocery store within 1 mile.

Get a spot as close to the rear of the park as you can. There is a very busy cargo railroad track near the front of the park. Even from site 141, we could hear and feel the rumble.