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Avoid this park!

We made reservations very early on. We boondocked for a grueling week before we could get back into the system. We arrive at the park on the day we're scheduled and they canceled our reservation on us because (get this) OUR RIG IS TOO SHORT!


Then they wanted to know the age of it (which is a mute point now). They wouldn't even let us stay one night so that we could make other reservations/arrangements.  They did NOTHING to try and help us out, just a "Sorry, that's the policy and you can't stay here".

THEY KNEW about the size and age of our rig (you have to enter that information when you make the reservations) and although we got a confirmatin number, they never bothered to contact us about any "policies" against rigs under 25 feet or older than 10 years INSTEAD THEY CANCELED OUR RESERVATIONS WHEN DON WALKED IN THE DOOR TO CHECK-IN!

Where on this page does it say ANYTHING about the size and age of your rig? NO WHERE!


General Policies:

RV and Rental Check In Time: 4:00 PM

RV Check Out Time: 11:00 AM

Rental Check Out Time: 10:00 AM

Minimum Check In age is 55 years old.

Guests aged 17 years old and under at the time of check in are considered children.

Pets are allowed. However due to very limited availability, pet friendly sites cannot be booked online. For information on available pet sites for your stay, please call the resort when booking.

For late arrival arrangements, please contact our Reservation Department at (800) 435-7128. After dark arrivals will be dry docked until the following morning.

To make changes to your reservation, please call (877) 864-2728 and specify that you booked your reservation online.

Reservation & Payment Policies:

Your credit card will be charged one night rack rate prior to arrival.

Rates displayed do not include any applicable service fees or charges for optional incidentals.

A $100 utility deposit is required for stays between 1 week to 29 days.

If a RV/Tent site reservation is canceled at least 2 days prior to arrival, an administrative fee of $25 will be charged prior to refunding any advance deposit. Otherwise the one night deposit will be forfeited.

If a rental reservation is canceled at least 7 days prior to arrival, an administrative fee of $25 will be charged prior to refunding any advance deposit.

Rental reservations that are canceled within 7 days of arrival are not eligible to receive a refund.

In the case of multiple sites booked, cancellation penalties apply to each site that is canceled or changed.

Prices and site type are subject to availability.

No refunds will be issued for early check out.

If I used a credit card for a deposit, guarantee or payment, I authorize MHC Property Management L.P. to charge any expenses incurred during my stay to that credit card or apply funds you have on deposit with us against what I owe."

After we got settled in at Mesa Spirit, Don called Monte Verde the next day and talked to the supervisor to express how miserable the experience was and suggested that they, at least, offer a one night stay, even if it's with just electric hook-ups, so that folks can rest and make other plans. Can you imagine if we had traveled 400 miles to get there only to discover they would not honor our reservation?

The reason for the length requirements, we were told, is for the "looks" of the park. The owners don't want it to look like a campground! Can you imagine?  There are rigs of all types at RV resorts (keyword: resort) we've been to and none of them have ever looked like a "campground".  We call bullshit on this park.