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LA CONNER RV CAMPGROUND (Thousand Trails) La Conner, WA

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This review is based on ADA accessiblity, our experience and opinion. Your mileage may vary.


Would you like to support us and this project at no extra cost to you? If you want to sign up for a Thousand Trails membership, please contact Beth Hensch by phone at 360.790.5280 or via email by writing to elizabeth_hensch@equitylifestyle.com and tell her that Santa D sent you.

You are checked in at the guard shack. No need to exit your vehicle as the right lane is for through traffic.

Rest Room #5 at the front of the park has a handicap toilet and shower stall. The shower stall has a transfer seat and a hand held shower wand. There is no holder for the wand lower down on the wall for when you're seated. I had to improvise one.   The only restroom in the park that's marked "handicapped" does not have a transfer seat or hand held shower wand in the handicap shower stall. o_0 

Accessibility to facilities is good on the south half of the park. 

The beach is inaccessible with mobility devices due to extremely loose rocks and gravel. Even cars have a hard time.

The north half of the park is up hill and  has the majority of the sewer sites which are inaccessible with mobility devices from the lower half.

There is a smaller lodge that is sometimes rented out to private parties, which means you don't get to use it when they do. It has a nice pool table, large screen TV, lounge furniture, tables for games and jig saw puzzles, books and a gas fireplace. It has a stocked kitchen, but they keep it locked. It is wheelchair accessible.

There is a handicap pull through site (#179) located right across the street from the main lodge. Near there are 2 more back-in handicap sites (#172 and #173).  There are 2 more handicap back-in sites located on the north side of the preserve. One is on the lower level (#40) and the other is way up on the hilly side of the preserve (#290).

None of the rentals are wheelchair accessible.

Additional Information:

Free WiFi is located at the larger main lodge. The sites surrounding the lodge are within WiFi range. WiFi is very good. Game on, my friends.  There are scheduled events and activities at the lodge during the peak season.  Everything at the lodge (the lodge, spa, store, lanudry, exercise room) is wheelchair accessible.

The store, which has very short hours of operation,  is next to the lodge.  There are stores located in the heart of La Conner which is about 3 miles from the preserve, so that's not a problem. There is an exercize room next to the store. The laundry is next to the exercize room. The laundry machines do not accept debit cards, so be prepared with lots of pocket weights (aka quarters).

The staff if wonderful.

There is a military air base nearby. You will probably experience low flying fighter jets and all manner of modern flying machines. At times they can be deafeningly loud and non-stop all evening until well after midnight.

This park has a small spa and no swimming pool. If not for that fact we would visit more often, because we like to use pools for low-impact exercize.