Disabled Nomads

If we can go there, so can you!


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This review is based on ADA accessiblity, our experience and opinion. Your mileage may vary.


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You are checked in at the guard shack. The shack is small and close enough that they will come to you to register. No need to exit your vehicle.

The park is quite hilly.  Some parts are inaccessible with mobility devices.

The only thing ADA compliant at the lower lodge is the ramp going into the building. There's no access to the basement (where the pool table, foosball, and airhocky is), sauna, pool and spa except via stairs both inside and outside the building or by an extremely steep, loose dirt and gravel, exterior path, which is completely useless to mobility devices and wheel chairs. There's no handicap toilet or shower stall. There's no hand held shower wand. There's a small step up from the toilets to the showers in the ladies' room. You access the pool area via a door leading to a tight turn (there is a wall directly opposite the door opening) where the showers are. There's no lift at pool side to assist entry into, or exit from, the pool or the spa.

The rest room near the upper lodge across from site D4 has a handicap shower stall in both the men's and woman's room, but there is no transfer seat in either of them. Only the men's room has a hand held shower wand. We did not check out any of the other rest rooms.

None of the rentals are wheelchair accessible.

It's a beautiful park and the staff is great, it's just not well suited for those with special needs.

Additional Information:

Free WiFi is located at the upper lodge. Sites located near that lodge are able to receive WiFi. The ISP was Jabba Communications (the same ISP as we experienced at Thunderbird).

Laundry facilities are located below the upper lodge accessible via dirt/gravel road or stairs from above. Machines take coin (as of 2018).