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Winter Arrived Early

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Things are progressing with "Jeannie" our Tiffen Allegro Star 29 Class A motorhome. We got the exhaust manifold fixed on the passenger side. Now that the coach is a lot more quiet, we can hear a small leak in the exhaust manifold on the driver side.  We got the spark plug wires replaced and a tune up done. Some sort of heat shields are missing which, if not replaced, will damage spark plug wires quicker.

A cold spell has moved in with temperatures below freezing. Some nights being as low as 23°. This has produced a lot of condensation on the windows, so we ordered a couple of dehumidifiers. They arrived and things were starting to get better when...

...our hose froze. Don left the faucet open in the bathroom sink, forgot about it and went to bed. We are not in a FHU (Full Hook Up) site. Eventually the water started running again. It overflowed the waste tank into the shower which overflowed into the coach.

Luckily we had dumped the tanks the day before when we drove into town to get groceries. The water we bailed out of the shower and into the toilet was clear. It wasn't stinky. It seems to be contained to the bathroom area and towards the back of the coach. The bamboo flooring (which is laid on top of carpet) is dry on top so not sure to what extent the flood is or if it will *ever* dry out without ripping up the flooring and sucking up the water with a wet-vac. We're pointing the heaters that way.  The condensation on the windows has expectedly increased. The dehumidifiers are working, so that should get better eventually.

Sightly warmer temperatures are predicted in the next few days, which should help. This is going to be a very, very long winter.