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What a Great Summer

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Today is the first day of fall and, appropriately, it's windy and raining.  It will be like this for, at least, the next 5 days.

Reflecting back on summer, it has been one of the best ones we've had in a long time. <knocking on wood> Jeannie performed wonderfully all season. We're hoping we got all the kinks ironed out and that we can sail through this coming winter without a problem.

We spent the majority of the time on the coast. Friends camped with us a lot of the time, we made new friends and we got to do things and visit some places we've never been to before. We got some projects done,too. It's just been wonderful.

Sad to see it end. Anxious to be able to head south for the winter, keeping fingers crossed that we can go next year. Not looking forward to another winter in Washington. We checked the statistics for the coast during the winter and there's a lot less snow than inland, so there's that.