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We Needed an Upgrade

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Hope everyone had a safe and sane Independence Day celebration.

We thought about it long and hard and decided that we needed to upgrade to the Thousand Trails' Basic Elite package. The Trails Collection and Zone Pass just wasn't going to do it for us.  We have been enjoying the Mt. Vernon park so much that we don't want to be out of the system.

We headed down to the office and did it.  This meant we can stay at the park for 14 more days. We decided to move out of our spot to somewhere closer to the lodge. It was a good decision. The site was more open with more of a breeze which meant no mosquitos and it was close enough to the lodge that the batteries in our peronal electric vehicles weren't running out of power quite so fast. There is the noise from I-5 traffic to contend with, but after a while that just sounds like the ocean, so that's what we're going with.

However, we're not in much of a celebratory mood. It was just one year ago that it was the last holiday for Diane. She would pass away suddently just 3 days later. It was the first and last time we had a fireworks display on the property, albeit a tiny one. It just makes us sad to think about it.