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Update on The Tiffin Allegro Star

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Just like with Endora, we discovered that there were some plumbing leaks. One leak was from the kitchen faucet that the seller installed and another one was at one of the low point drain valves under the driver-side twin beds in the back.  The way we discovered them is that there was a tick-tick-tick sound coming from under the kitchen cabinet and when the water pump kept "burping" after testing the repair.  When a pump keeps trying to pressurize a tank, that's usually an indication of a leak. We hunted around for another one and found it under the driver-side twin bed. After repairing that and filling the tank, the burping stopped.

After that the first order of business was to rip out the passenger side twin bed so that we could get the recliner in and to rip out the dinette and benches so that we could create office/crafting space. Ripping out dinettes is something we have been wanting to do to every RV we've owned, but never could because there was always a utility of some kind in one of the benches.  This time the dinette benches were completely clear, so we went for it.