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Update on The Tiffin Allegro Star Part Deux

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It's was a hard journey transferring our belongings from once coach to the other, particularly since it was hot out.  We got most of it done when we had to leave the current location for a minimum of one week before we could return.

The park was kind enough to let us keep Endora parked in the stoarage area until we could return. On our way to the new location we stopped at the CAT scales.  The coach is 860 lbs over weight and we still weren't done transferring stuff.  Oh, my!  We guestimate that 150lbs-175lbs of that is in the after market flooring that was installed. Someone put in bamboo flooring in the main part of the coach and stone tiles in the bathroom. That matters.

Once we returned to the park where Endora was being kept, we finished taking everything out of her. Then we got on with purging stuff. There's still a lot more that we need to let go. We are asking my son to keep some boxes of stuff that I don't really want to get rid of, but can't keep toting around everywhere we go like sentimental items, photos and things of value that we're not ready to sell.

The seller is building out a van and we traded a partial monthly payment for a 4 gallon electric water heater we got from Amazon that we intended to put into Endora along with a 1,000 watt inverter. We still need to get these items to him. The sooner the better as the box for the water heater is huge and is taking up a lot of space in the shower that we could be using.

After getting the last small bits of stuff out of Endora, we took pictures and put her up for sale on Craigslist.