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Update on our ISP since February

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We have been using "HomeFi" since February and here's the update:

We had no issues with their service or the customer service. Any time we submitted a form for help, they responded right away.  We had great pings (the really important thing) plus more than decent download and upload speeds. Considering how small and mobile the device is, it's amazing.

Now, here's the thing...

Meanwhile, much to our delight and surprise, Nomad Internet restored our "Free for Live" account in April. They couldn't compensate us with their mobile unit, just the cube thing. That requires being plugged in.  Right now we don't have any inverted outlets. If we go mobile, we have to rely on our phones or the HomeFi puck.

What's good about the Homefi thing is that we can "park" the service for 6 months for only $11/month and since we haven't been using it since we're getting free internet from Nomad, we decided to park the HomeFi. When Nomad, without warning and forever, terminates our service for whatever reason, all we have to do is turn the HomeFi back on. We'll just have to find a hotspot like at McDonalds or an RV park or something like that and contact HomeFi to turn it back on.

I do have to mention that the Nomad service has been absolutely amazing. Crazy fast speeds with no outages since April.  We just don't know how long it's all going to last, but we're ejoying the heck out of it while we have it.