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The Adventure Begins Pt. 2

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Joyce Here. Thanks for stopping by. The saga continues...

As soon as the sun was up, Don was outside moving the wiring around. He disengaged the brake controller and rigged it up so that we had brake lights and turn signals. Running lights wouldn't work, but that's OK. We'll be driving during day light. We just need to get to Mt. Vernon RV Campground by noon, or so we thought. Turned out that noon is when they begin check-in time. It ended at around 10 in the evening, but we didn't know that.


We were on the road by about 6 in the morning, just in time to hit rush hour traffic in Tacoma.  Then we hit the rush hour traffic in Seattle and again traffic in Everett and just about everywhere else. It seemd like we would never get to our destination. What would normally have been about a 2 hour trip turned into about 6 hours.

If we had not had issues with the brakes from yesterday, we would have left in the early afternoon to avoid all that traffic and  stayed at a friend's house in Everett for a good overnight rest before continuing on to the park. We had to do it all in one day because of the reservations. We needed to be at the park today.

We finally rolled into the park at around noon, got our pass and codes to the gates and rest rooms and settled into a heavily wooded and shaded spot near a rest room and a dumpster. Turns out that there's a few mosquitos due to lack of good airflow. It also turns out that the hills in the park are too much for our personal electric vehicles. After we rest for a bit, we will probably move to a better spot, closer to the lodge.

We took our personal electric vehicles over to the nearby Skagit Casino and had a nice dinner of chicken strips and french fries. We took it easy the rest of the day.