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The Adventure Begins Pt. 1

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Joyce here. Thanks for stopping by. Here's how it went.

It was a long hot day. We struggled with a clog in the black tank, but managed to get through it.  Because of this set-back, we didn't get to roll out of the driveway for the last time until just after sunset.

<sunset picture will go here>

I thought the van sounded like it was struggling to haul our massive cargo. I was convinced that the trailer brakes were engaged since the brake lights on the trailer were quite bright when we checked the turn signals and all that. Don assured me everything was okay because he and Randy, supposedly, sorted that problem out.

Aparantly it wasn't. We drove past a sheriff waiting at a stop sign at an intersection. After a short distance, the sheriff pulled behind us, turned on his lights and pulled us over. The brakes were engaged and smoking. Luckily, it didn't get to the point where anything was catching fire. The deputy checked Don's credentials. All was well. Don said that he would unplug the pigtail and drive to the nearby Lake Katherine parking lot. Deputy said that would be OK. He said that he would escort us, but he had a more important call to be on. The parking lot wasn't far and there wasn't much traffic. We made it without a problem.

We went to Burger King for a bite to eat and I had a complete meltdown.

We slept in the parking lot.

To be continued...