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Sometimes You Have to Call 911

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We arrived at Chehalis Thousand Trails on Thursday, Sept 24th. Don wasn't feeling good for a while. Coughing a lot, blowing his nose a lot, feet swelling and things like this. He's had the wet cough for quite a while, but I could tell it was getting a lot worse. He was now relying on his CPAP to help him breathe.  This is exactly what happened when he first got the Congestive Heart Failure in January 2018. Looked to me like it was happening again.

I urged him to call his doctor or go to the ER. He made a virtual visit appointment for the following Monday. I asked him repeatedly if this was something that he thought could wait until then. "I'll be fine." he insisted.  Sure.

By Saturday the 26th, I was getting really concerned. I called a friend of mine to tattle on him and after the both of us ragged on him, he finally agreed to call an ambulance.

Yep. His Atrial Fibrillation had returned triggering his congestive heart failure. He was blowing up like a balloon with retained fluids.  He spent the next 4 nights in the hospital getting all that fluid off him.  He was released Wednesday, September 30th. He's feeling much better, but tires very easily.  He'll be doing a follow up with his cardiologist to see what they want to do about the AFib.

Many, many thanks to Jeff & Debb, folks we met back in Russian River last year where we were stuck when the rear axle of the van broke amidst nearby raging wildfires. Jeff kindly ferried me to the hospital to bring Don his CPAP machine the day after Don was admitted and then for picking Don up when he was released.

We have found RVers to be amazing. We have never met a kinder group of people, who are practically strangers, willing to help out another RVer.

Don would also like to express thanks for all the well wishes he received on Facebook. It really made him feel good and lifted his spirits.  Mine, too.