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If we can go there, so can you!


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There isn't a lot going on around here since we're sheltering in place with friends in Everett and "taking a vaction from our vacation."

Our trailer is parked in front of their house. There's no sewer or water access so we take the trailer to the RV dump on I-5 near here and use water from the tank. Electricity is provided by an extention chord coming from the garage. I taped it down across the sidewalk so that no one trips on it. Except for the water, this is pretty much the same set up we had when we were in Arizona, moochdocking in the family driveway.

This street is really busy and there's lots of folks out and about, walking their dogs or pushing  their chilcren in strollers on nice days.  Cars completely ignore the speed limit.

The next thing is to get the box truck road worthy and sell the van. That'll be the focus for June.

Until next time, take care and keep on truckin'!