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RV Improvements

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During the winter our microwave bit the dust. We checked craiglist and found a dorm style refrigerator/microwave oven combo and decided to buy it. We gave our existing refrigerator to a friend and replaced it with the dorm style one.

We moved my bed and desk to the front of the trailer and I have been loving it. The back of the trailer, meanwhile, has been used to store stuff and act as a seating area along with the dorm style fridge. We decided to put Don's full sized mattress back there. Using SketchUp, I designed a slat bed/couch frame that I've seen used in a lot of van conversions. Using the measurements from that, Don cut out and assembled the lumber to make it. Worked out perfefctly.  We will keep it set up as a bed. If we ever need a couch to sit on inside during those inclement weather days, we can have one.


Don's mattress is made of memory foam so we're considering cutting it in half so that it's easier to make this into a couch. We'll wait and sit on that idea for a while incase a better idea comes up.

Since the fridge is now moved to the front of the trailer, I'll have to swap around my bed and the desk since the fridge is sitting on the "bench" seat at the foot of my bed. This gets the fridge off the floor and hella easier for us to get to stuff. No more bending over! Eventually we'll take out the defunct Norcold ("NeverCold") refrigerater that's in the cabinets. We could either move the dorm style fridge into the hole that creates or turn the empty space into a pantry. We haven't decided yet.

Till nex time, happy camping and love the one you're with!