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Projects Getting Done

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We're currently at Oceana Thousand Trails near Ocean City, Washington. We don't have a "toad", that is a car that is towed behind an RV. Without a car to get about in, there's not a lot to do at this preserve. There's no pool and no scheduled activities. Camp sites are so close together that your neighbors's septic hook up is, literally, at the edge of your picnic table. You have to practically step over it to get to the seat at the table. The road to the public beach access has no shoulder. Not even a little one. There's just enough for the white line and that's about it. You risk your life getting to the local store and beach access by eBike or Mobility Scooter.  The trail from the park to the beach is too sandy and must be traversed on foot.  That's not an option for us, so no going to the beach every day like we hoped we could do.

Since this means being bored to deash since there's no adventuring for 21 days, we're taking this opportunity to get some projects done.

Since we aren't distracted by being able to go anywhere, we managed to complete some home projects that have been on the back burner. Don and our best friend John fixed the exterior patio cargo door, Don rebuilt my bed, and turned the pantry door around so that it opens from the kitchen. We replaced the shower wand with a new one and found homes for some of the things being stored in the shower. Now there's less stuff to have to take out ot it whenever we want to take a shower. Got to use it for the first time and it's heavenly.

We leave for Seaside in a few days and can hardly wait! Everything (stores, post office, beach) is easily accessible to us there and we don't plan on staying in camp a lot.