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Please, we need your help.

Please, we need your help!


For the second year in a row, October has been a cursed month for us. Last year I broke my foot so we couldn't leave Washington.  This time it was the right rear axle and wheel bearings on the van that broke. The curse is spilling over to November.  As if we need more reasons to hate fall and winter.

It happened on our way from South Jetty in Florence, Oregon to Russian River in Cloverdale, California about 30 miles from the park.  There was a horrendous noise coming from the back of the van.

Don just kept driving. We had no choice.

We limped into Russian River Thousand Trails on October 19th, just in time for high winds and the possibility for wildfires just 4 days later. The tow truck came and took Ricky away with the expectation that he would be returned the following Monday. A   friend was concerned for our safety and sent us more than enough funds to cover the quoted $600 bill so we could evacuate if we had to.  Rickey didn't come back on the following Monday. PG&E cut power to the area for several grueling days. It ended up the rear axle needed replacing too and that put the bill at $950. We had just enough funds to cover it. We finally got Ricky back on November 1st.

Ricky was returned and Don fixed my window so that it can be opened and he put the door panel back together.  Great! We were all jazzed about our next stop. We left for Turtle Beach November 5th.

Everything was running smoothly until we got as far as Benecia, California. Suddenly the van overheated. We pulled off the freeway. Luckily there was a nearby gas station. We topped off the gas and put water in and it cooled off.  The van overheated 2 more times. The second time was in Livermore and then again somewhere about 5 miles from the park.

Don could see that the water pump was leaking.  Seriously?! FML!

We reached Turtle Beach. We called around about repairs. We received a quote of approximately $650 to replace the pump and thermostat.  This puts us in the same situation as a week ago. We  are tapped out and won't be able to spend a single dime on *anything* until we can get to the beginning of next month when we get paid again. 

We have to extend our stay at Turtle Beach until the first days of December when we get paid again and can cover the cost of repairs. The problem? We can only stay here 2 weeks. Which makes no sense when the overflow/tent area is, literally, empty right now. We'd be happy in overflow if we had a working generator, but that's another story.

We are in "overflow" status right now, but yesterday we were able to move to a spot that has power. We could, at any time,  be asked to move back to the overflow area where there's no power.  So, we went shopping for that eventuality.

Naturally, when we went shopping for non-perishable supplies and stuff to fix the generator, Don's EBT card kept being denied. We have *never* had that happen before. We had to use cash for the food (clerk didn't know what she was doing), dog food, cat food, kitty litter and stuff to fix the generator. Then the disablednomads domain name expired and I had to renew it today, another $20 gone.

So, that's where we are right now. Hopefully Don can get the genearator working, we won't have to leave the park for a week before we can come back in or that we get enough funding right away to have the van fixed before November 19th and we can carry on with our quest.

To be continued...