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Personal Electric Vehicle Repair Update Pt 3

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Hello again, Joyce here!

Now that we have the TravelScoot by TravelScootUSA (if you get one please let them know that we sent you) Don wanted one of his own. We were able to make that happen, but more on that later.

He has also given up on trying to repair the personal electric vehicles or use the parts to make something out of them. We're selling the whole kit and kaboodle on Craigslist for parts. I hope we get a buyer.

Since Don wanted one of his own, I checked Craigslist for a used one. Lo and behold, one just happened to be posted.  What luck! We decided to give ourselves an interest free loan by using the cash in our "going south emergency truck fund" which was provided for by the last Covid Stimulus Package earlier this spring. This is why we need a buyer soon, so we can replenish the emergency fund.

There was only one glitch in this plan. Don checked out the scooter, before we bought it,  but he didn't realize that it was the Junior model which is 3" shorter all around and the motor controller was special ordered with the slower speed of about 3.2 mph. Argh.

There was talk of trading scooters since I'm only 5'2", but the only way that will happen is for him to pry my brand new Full Size Deluxe model out of my cold, dead hands.

We asked  Tony at TravelScoot about getting a new motor controller. Because of factory shutdowns due to Covid, none are to be had. We wouldn't be able to get a new one until probably next year, if that.  In the meantime, Don wants to modify the frame to make the scooter longer and will live with the slower speed until a new motor controller can be had. In the meantime, if someone sells a full sized one, we'll put the Junior up for sale and get the full sized one.