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Personal Electric Vehicle Repair Update Pt 2

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Hello again! Joyce here.

We went to see the TravelScoot at TravelScootUSA and instantly fell in love with it. Not only is it lightweight enough that even I can pick it up, Don's able to lift them, unfolded, right into the back of the truck. No more needing a ramp. The other thing is that they are narrow enough that, if we needed to use the ramp on the truck, they would fit. Our original personal electric vehicles were too wide. I also checked the BBB, Amazon and Youtube for reviews. Everything looked good.

I absolutely wanted one, so we began planning for how to get one. Would we be able to apply for a new loan at  Northwest Access Fund and consolidate the balance we owe for the personal electric vehicles? We were going to call them the next day to find out.

I posted about it to my personal Facebook page and a friend there donated the cash for us to be able to purcahse the one that we wanted.  I nearly fainted. I must have cried for 30 minutes out of sheer joy and relief. Once I got over the shock, the first order of the day was to post an ADA review of the park we were at.

After using it a few times, Don said that he wanted one too, and I can't blame him! We decided to try and make that happen.  Stay tuned!