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Personal Electric Vehicle Repair Update Pt 1

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John went through Don's personal electric vehicle with a fine tooth comb today. He replaced all the failed wiring going to the motor from the handle bars. Still didn't work. Double checked the wires coming from the battery to the motor controller. Checked the wires in the motor controller to the handle bars. Everything was fine there. He tested the Hall sensor in tthe motor and noticed a problem.  An email was sent to the personal electric vehicle company to find out which Hall sensor we need to order from Amazon to fix it. I hope they can tell us. A new motor is over $500 and that's completely out of our reach.

If it's not that, then we simply don't know what else to do. Cobble the parts from both vehicles together to make one working vehicle? Sell both of them, as is, for the balance of the loan or near the balance of the loan? I'm sure someone out there has the expertise to fix these things and getting 2 of them for about $900 is a huge bargain. The batteries, alone, are worth more than that. Then we can try and get another loan from the folks at Northwest Access Fund for something different.

We are looking at the TravelScoot by travelscootusa.com which is located very close to us. They're very expensive, but we're going to call to see if we can try them out or rent one for a while to see if we like them. If we do, we'll have to see what we can do to get one. What would be a miracle is if they would sponsor us, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that. We're just not that lucky.