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On the Road Again

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We hit the road July 7th. The 3 year anniversary of our beloved Diane's passing. We miss her like crazy and sometimes I still cry. Mourning is something you just never get over no matter how much time as passed.

The truck ran great. Towed the trailer like it wasn't even there. We made it safe and sound to the Mount Vernon Thousand Trails. It's been a sort of "home coming". This is the park we signed up for Thousand Trails at and camped in for the first time. Here we are again 2 years later.

We haven't done much since we got here. The weather has been "meh". The truck is loaded with stuff that came out of the van so we can't get to our scooters. We were going to work on that today, but we got invited to go to Costco for major shopping.  Sorting and purging of stuff will have to be put on hold until Sunday.

We put the van up for sale on Craigslist and got several phone calls almost immediately. Tomorrow we have to drive all the way to "home base" in Buckley to get the title for it. It's going to be a 2 hour drive both ways. Luckily John and Toni are lending us their jeep.  Then we have to return to Everett on Monday to show the van to the first person who contacted us.  Keeping fingers crossed he buys it and gives us close to the asking price.