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Nomadic Fanatic and Summertime

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It's already the middle of May and Summer is right around the corner. Wow, how time flies! Weather has been outstanding for quite a while. The only downside to that is the increase of forest fires, so the rain that's due to return, for at least a week, is much needed.

Haven't written much because we've been preoccupied, since March, with the possibility of a third person joining our household and traveling with us. It turned out that there were irreconcilable differences, so we parted ways earlier this month.

Now that it's over it's back to just me and Don and I have more time to devote to bloging/vlogging. One good thing that came out of it is that we got to keep their little pocket pup. Don's been wanting a dog for years. The dog is a 5 month old Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix). We named him Squeedle. The way he got his name is that my first mother-in-law was from Cairo, Egypt and that's how she pronounced squirrel. He's not much bigger than one and has all the energy of one, so I felt that Squeedle would be a very fitting, if not unique, name for him.  Needless to say, Jummah isn't happy about it.

We recently had the greatest pleasure of running into Eric Jacobs of Nomadic Fanatic. We've been following his vlogs ever since we first started researching going full time RV. What a pleasant fellow. We got to hang out for a bit. Don got to help line up a video shot while he was fishing and I got to cook him dinner. Don also made a nice little wooden box for Jax's stroller where Eric can keep Jax's supplies. Eric was very happy with that. Making him a box and cooking him dinner was the least we could do for all the hours of entertainment he has given us. 

My "Zero Gravity Chair" was too big for me and Eric had a blue one that was smaller and since our chairs matched his motorhome better than his blue one, we traded chairs. He autographed it for me. We hope to meet up with him again while he's still in Washington.

The park that we're at was hoping to get the pool inspected in time to open for Mother's Day, but the inspector couldn't make it out in time. The rangers still aren't sure when the inspector will finally make it out here.  Since the beginning of the season is upon us, we hope the inspector can make it out here really soon!

Until next time, stay well, happy and love the one you're with.