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No! Not Again!

Joyce here,

We have no words to thank those who contributed to our GOFUNDME for the back to back van repairs in the past few weeks.  We thought we were all done with that, but no. Of course not.

On the way from our last stop over at Bear River Casino in Loleta, CA to Russian River RV Park in Cloverdale, CA , about 25 miles from our destination, the rear passenger wheel bearings went out and subsequently the axle was damaged too.

We were close to the Kincade Wildfires without wheels to evacuate if we had to. We got the van repaired with the help of a friend who, like us, was fearing for our lives. We left Russian River in Cloverdale, CA for Turtle Beach RV Park in Manteca CA soon after we got the van back.

On the way there we had to stop 3 times for overheating. It turned out to be the water pump. I freaked out because we had no way of paying for it. I started the GOFUNDME. Contributions got us half way to the goal and along with a loan, we were able to pay for the repair and still have money to live on. Thank you!

Our next destination was Soledad Canyon RV park in Acton. That's a really long drive for us so we would have to boondock somewhere in the middle. We headed to the Tachi Casino in Lemoore, CA as they let you overnight camp in their parking lot.

About half way there, we experienced a sudden, brief, intermittent "clunkity-clunk-clunk" coming from the front passenger side wheel.  It happened twice many miles apart.  To say that I freaked out in complete panic is an understatement. No, not again!

We arrived at the casino without further incident and amused ourselves by going in and seeing what the casino had to offer. We hoped they would have the $10 card to gamble with,  but they didn't. The next morning we left for Soledad Canyon RV in Acton, CA. About half way there, it happened again.  Clunkity-clunk-clunk. Twice. No rhyme or reason.  I wanted to hurl myself out of the van to just end it all.

I can't believe it's happening to us again. AGAIN. I'm trying to stay positive, but I have to be honest. and tell you that I'm ready to throw in the towel, take a train back to the frozen north and live in my son's basement.   The mantra for full time RVing traveling is that you have to roll with the punches. I'm not sure I'm up to the task. This is not fun. I want to stop doing it.

My only hope is that it's nothing ridiculous and that we can get it fixed on our own. We can't get it inspected and find out the damages until we get paid at the beginning of December or sooner if some kind strangers make enough donations to the GOFUNDME between now and then. I'm not confident that this will happen.  Time will only tell.

Keeping fingers crossed.