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No New Rig For Now

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Well, the financing fell through on the Grand Designs G-Class G21 that we tried for. Oh, well. When one door closes, another one opens and what comes next is usually better than what was before.

What we *really* want is the Axis 24.1 by Thor.  That's our dream coach. Twin beds in the back and, if the couch proves inadequate, replace it with theater seating/recliners. Perfect. Yeah, baby.

In the meantime, what we'll probably do after we get home is sell the van and buy a Uhaul box truck from friends of ours with the proceeds. Evetually we will outfit it as a solar power station and maybe also turn it into an RV a little at a time. That truck will pull our trailer like the trailer isn't even there. It will give us oodles of storage space and room to play around with ideas like a man cave or she shed, along with water barrels for when boondocking in Quartzsite.