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New Year and New-to-Us Rig

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Hope everyone had a wonderful new year and that this missive finds you all happy and healthy.

Well, we did it. We sold Gary and Lucy. 

Say, "Hello!" to Endora, a 1990's era Class C Eldorado by Honorbuilt.  We came up with her name by turning the L into an "n" and removing the "do". Last time we had an "I Love Lucy" theme, this time it'll be "Bewitched".

It needs a ton of rehabilitation. The entire interior of the coach was built directly on top of padding carpeting, including the toilet! The majority of systems don't work. It has major water damage to the body from the front vent over the cab. Damage is so bad that the overhang is sagging on the passenger side. The main selling factor was that the engine is clean, has only 64K miles on it, and we could afford it. Don says that it drives like a dream. We could have gone into debt by getting a rig that was a little nicer and making monthly payments, or we could own it out-right and use those otherwise "monthly payments" towards fixing it up as we go along. We were firm on the idea that we did not want to go into debt so he went for it and kept our fingers crossed.

The only really urgent things that needed to be done was to replace the power steering belt alignment pulley, which the seller has done, to get a door lock/handle for the entry door and get rid of the regrigerator. Seller couldn't locate a lock/handle (they are no longer made), but we got lucky. We went to the West Coast RV Recycle in Centralia and they had the right one on a rig that just came in.  They also took out the refrigerator for us. It worked, but something had died in the freezer and the interior was caked in rust and mold. I didn't want to deal with it.  We liked the residential refrigerator that we had in Lucy so we took that with us. We put the residential one in the hole left behind by the nasty one just like we did with Lucy.

In the meantime, we'll keep working on things as we can. As soon as the weather is better to work in, Don and our friend John will be working to correct the sag in the overhang.