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New Season - New Beginning

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Hello friends and family on the internet!

June 21 marks our 2 year full time RV anniversary and we're beginning the new season with a new to us vehicle.

Our good friends John and Antoinette and selling us their 1989 17' Ford Econoline 350 Uhaul Box Truck! They're letting us have it pending the sale of the van. Once the van is sold, that money will go to pay for the truck.

The truck had been sitting idle for several years and the gas in it had turned to ether and gummed up the works. Don and John replaced the fuel pump located above the gas tank, but the truck still wasn't running. They gave it a wash and then had it towed off to a mechanic. Turned out there's a second high power fuel pump near the engine. The mechanic fixed that and also gave it a new cap, rotor, plugs and a tune-up. After that Don removed the ball mount that was bolted to the truck (they use a 2" ball) and replaced it with a ball mount receiver. He bolted it in and a neighbor welded parts of it. That receiver isn't going anywhere!

Don took the truck and trailer on their maiden voyage to the RV dump station on I-5. When he got back we noticed that the ball mount had sagged under the weight of the trailer. We thought we would need to have a reinforcment gusset welded in. Don took it to a place that does trailers. They took a look at it and said the receiver isn't going to go anywhere and to get the gusset, we'd have to bring it to "the big guys" who will charge us a fortune. Has to do with liablity.

We are moving stuff out of the van and into the truck so that we can get the van sold as soon as possible.  We are also leaving in 3 days for the first outing of the season. We have been sheltering in place since April and all of us are having cabin fever and itchy feet. We're anxious for a change of scenery.  I want to do an ADA review of the handicap accessible trail at Padilla Bay.

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