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Mohs Procedure Update

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Had the Mohs Procedure done today to remove a basal cell carcinoma that was on my face.

Everyone's experience is different and this is mine. Some will tell you it's no big deal. I'm not about to gloss over anything and this most certainly has been a big deal, at least, to me.

The doctor began by being brutally honest. She told me that after this, I will look like someone beat me up pretty bad, but once healed I will have just a tiny little white spot that will be hardly noticeable.  She showed me about how long and where the incision will be that she'll have to stitch up.  It'll be about about 3 inches running down the side of my nose.

They put on a topical anestetic to numb my face as much as they could before stabbing me with the turkey baster sized needle.  I still felt it, but thankfully, it wasn't as bad as when I had the biopsy. It still hurt.

Once it took effect everything was fine. The procedure went well and my doctor got all the cancer on the first shot.

The stitching up feel really weird, but wasn't bad. They put a compression bandage on it and once the anestetic started wearing off, it was really uncomfortable. Then it got worse. It feels like someone is stabbing their knuckle into my cheek bone right under the inside corner of my right eye.

I got no sleep the night before from dreading this whole thing.  They expect a person to live on Tylenol for the pain afterwards and, frankly, that's a joke. Luckily I have Percocet on hand and I took one as soon as I got home. I woke up about 6 hours later from pain since the pill had worn off.  I'm a side sleeper, particularly my right side so...yeah.

I get to take off the compression bandage on Wednesday. Can't wait, it's so annoying.

Will keep you posted as things progress.