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Low Pressure

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Joyce here,

I learned something new the other day. Turns out that high elevation = low pressure. Cold weather also = low pressure. At Soledad Canyon, we're between 2,710 and 3,200 feet. The weather is cold and predicted to get colder, with temps below freezing at night. There's even rumor of the possibility of snow by Wednesday & Thursday.

What I learned is that low pressure and arthritis are NOT friends. No wonder why I have been feeling like crap since we got here!

With the advent of colder temps and possible snow, we decided to blow this popsicle stand early.  The problem is that member services is closed on the weekends (which makes absolutely NO sense to us or anyone we know). Today is Sunday so we'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to see if we can change our reservation for staying at Soledad Canyon from Dec 3rd to November 26th and extend the front end of our dates for Palm Springs to fill the gap. Even with the van making that clunking noise, we'll have to chance it and get out of here.

We could still really use your help. We will try and find a Les Schwab when we get to Palm Springs to see if they can jack the van up and look under the front end to see if they can find whatever is making that intermittent and brief clunking noise from the front wheel on the passenger side. Hopefully it's something we can afford to fix.

Palm Springs is about 120 miles away. We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed.