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Long Beach Has Been a Blast!

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We really like the Thousand Trails' Long Beach RV & Camping Resort in Seaview, WA. There's a lot to see and do here and most of it is ADA friendly. The park, itself, is great for that as it's very level and there are ramps going into all the buildings. Seaview and Long Beach have a lot to offer. It's also flat and easy to get around with power chairs, wheel chairs, mobility scooters and personal electric vehicles.  Power chairs and such might have a hard time on Discovery Trail, but there is a really nice board walk available.

We had the chance to go up and down the Discovery Trail, the boardwalk, the Kite Museum, the beach and check out the 2019 Rod Run, which was absolutely fun, fun, fun. 

The 21 days we have stayed here flew by! The one thing we wanted to also check out was the North Head Lighthouse, but we didn't get the opportunity. We have it on our bucket list for next year. Next stop: Thousand Trails RV Campground in Seaside, Oregon. Looking forward to their indoor pool, now that Fall has come to the Pacific Northwest.

Here's some video we took of Discovery Trail, World Kite Museum and the 2019 Rod Run.  Until next time, be excellent to one another.

Discovery Trail

World Kite Museum

2019 Rod Run