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It's Been a Long, Cold Winter

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15 more days until Spring. We are, very much, looking forward to warmer temperatures. This winter has been one of the harshest recorded.

We've had to deal with snow, ice, delays in moving between Bow and La Conner and a frozen water hose. Dealing with the frozen water hose seemed like it lasted forever, at least 2 weeks. We are still dealing with it, but at least it warms up enough during the day to thaw out.  I just have to remember to fill a container before going to bed, so that I can make coffee in the morning and flush the toilet.

What a pain.  We need a heated hose, but they're expensive.  We'll just have to deal with the inconvenience, for now. If it turns out that we can't go south next winter, we'll get one, for sure.

My foot is getting better little by little. Getting around is a bit easier, although there is still some discomfort. I expect that it will be like this the rest of my life. We see the foot doctor today, so we'll see what she says.

We found a nifty little refrigerator on Craigslist. It's a Microfridge with a microwave oven on top. It's designed for dorm rooms but works great for RVs. It's 4.8 Cubic Feet. The refer turns off when the microwave comes on so you can't pop a circuit. When the weather improves, Don will yank out the built-in Norcold (should be named "NeverCold") and put the Microfridge in its place.

We moved my bed and desk out from the back of the trailer to the front yesterday. I am much happier. It was so depressing being in the back of the trailer. One of the refers blocked the view at the front window, the window above my desk is too high to see anything but sky and tree tops from a sitting position and the rear window is always up against bushes. Being stuck in the trailer nursing a fractured foot since October,  I felt like I was in solitary confinement.

Here's what my view had been for the past 5 months:

View to the front from solitary confinement View from above the desk from solitary confinement View to the back from solitary confinement

Here's my view now. It's much brighter and I get to see what's happening outside. The cat is also loving it. She gets to be by my side and watch the world go by, too.

No more solitary confinement.

Eventually we want the floor plan to be like this. After we get rid of most of our crap, we'll be able to fit a recliner back there.

The plan is to block off the front door. I'll put my craft bins there. The steps are bent downward from many years of use and because of that it's hard to get in and out. The rear steps are hardly ever used, so they're in really good shape. It's a lot easier to get in and out from the back. We'll start using the rear door instead.

The next thing is to purge like a mad demon. I'm at the point, now, where I'm ready to get rid of *everything*.  We used the portable washer only once since we've been in here. I had not anticipated being at parks that didn't have full hook ups in all the spaces. Don doesn't mind doing the laundry as it gets done all at once, so the portable machine will be going. It's currently in the shower stall.

It turns out that I'm not keen on using public showers during the winter in the north. It will be nice to have our shower stall back. I'd rather take a PTA shower and get dressed in the comfort of the trailer than face the cold with wet hair and try to get dressed in a hurry, while damp, in a chilly bathroom. During the warmer weather, we will put a pop-up shower tent next to the trailer where the exterior auxiliary shower head is. We might even rig up the tankless heater there for endless hot water, too.  We're also talking about putting a blow-up bath tub out there.

Until next time, happy camping and safe travels!  ~Joyce