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It Was a Long Winter

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Welcome back to the blog.  Yes, we are still alive.

Today's post is to let everyone know what's been happening at our "house".   Winter has finally been replaced with Spring and weather is starting to improve. Yay!

We made the first improvement to the motorhome in February by replacing the broken plastic toilet with a nice porcelain foot flush toilet.  That went off without a hitch until we went to dump the black tank for the first time.

The handle and rod to the black tank gate valve came off in Don's hand.  We looked up how to fix it. We had to wait until we got a site with full hook ups and decent weather before we could fix it. In the meantime we went back to using the porta-potty.

We discovered leaks in the plumbing. One was under the faucet in the bathroom and the other was a fitting around the inlet to the fresh water tank. Then the faucet came flying out of the hole in the kitchen sink. We replaced the faucet with a better one and added a 360° aerator.  I bought 2 of each so that we could do same to bathroom sink in future.

Friends donated a rack for the back of the motorhome to hold gear. We got an aluminum diamond plate box to put on it. Don removed the hitch extension, spare tire and tire cover today. He moved the rack closer to the motorhome. There's plenty of space to store the 10 x 10 EZ-Up, my walker and the portable generator.  Weather was so nice that he was motivated to keep going and fix the gate valve to the black tank.

He was able to make the proper cuts to the valve and get to the gate so he could use a pliers to open and close it.  We flushed the tank after the initial dump so that he can replace the valve with a new one tomorrow.  There was a little spillage, but nothing crazy. We had a bucket ready.

We went to the storage unit whenever we could to go through the "keep, toss, donate" process of purging our belongings.  We're nearly done. We plan on clearing it out before the beginning of May as we will be leaving the area to begin heading south.