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Happy New Year

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Out with the old, in with the new. Wishing you happiness all year through.  Happy New Year!  Hope this missive finds you well and in good spirits.

So far 2019 has brought us good news and bad news.

Good news is that on January 3rd we started sharing the bill for Verizon wireless internet with another couple of full time RVers.  Nice to know we'll always be connected to the internet no matter what park we land in. 

On January 2nd I went back to see my foot doctor about my fractures. Good news is that they healed nicely.

Bad news is that I developed 2 new fractures. One running across the pinky toe and one running across the toe next to it. The fractures run in a straight line across the toes. I'll post the xrays as soon as I can get a copy (forgot to ask when we were there).  So, I'm back in the "boot" for 4 more weeks. If, after that time, I'm still having problems, she'll order a Cat Scan and take it from there. Not sure if it's loss of bone density or what, but we'll see in 4 weeks. I just don't remember hurting myself for that to have happened.

Don is doing well as far as we know. He's enjoying the mattress he got in December. His old "new" one (only had it for about 6 months) wasn't quite firm enough, so we got him a new one last month. He's sleeping a lot better.

We spent New Year's Eve at the Skagit Casino. We decided we like the Black Jack table the best. It's just way more fun than the slots which is just mashing buttons. At least with Black Jack you have to think a little. We didn't win anything, but we didn't expect to. It was the one rare times that we got to splurge on ourselves a little and have some fun.

That's about it for now. Until next time, peace out!