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Happy Campers

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We were scheduled to arrive on Monday, August 24, at the Chehalis Thousand Trails. Since the truck has problems once the engine gets hot (not over heating, just really warmed up), we decided to start out from Everett on Sunday. This was incase we'd have to boondock along the way to give the engine time to cool down. This would also allow us to avoid any kind of rush hour traffic through Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia.

Things went well until we ran into a back-up near Tacoma. We stopped at the Flying J in Fife for gas and went across the street into the Port of Tacoma parking lot to have a break beneath a very nice, large Weeping Willow Tree.  We had lunch and a little nap.

By the time we got done with that, the traffic had cleared. The truck started acting up just past Olympia. We figured we'd find the nearest Walmart. We stopped at the Tumwater Walmart Super Center just off the freeway. Nice place to over-night. Nice and quiet.  No one bothered us.

Chehalis Thousand Trails was just another 36 miles from there and we made it without further issues. We arrived early, but they let us check in anyway. Our favorite site had no power so we drove around. Since it's impossible to get a site with full hook-ups at this park, we didn't even bother trying to look. We found a pull-through we liked. We parked in it to take a break and check out the WiFi signals.  Signals were bad. That will never do.

After the break we drove around to find a spot with a better signal. Lo and behold, there was an unoccupied sewer site! We quickly checked the WiFi signal and YES! Really good signals. We jumped into that spot at lightening speed!  Full hook-ups with great WiFi signal for 21 days? Yes, please!