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Good Bye Summer 2022

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Sorry our summer was so boring this year. Unfortunately high gas prices kept us from traveling and then dealing with getting another motorhome and selling the other ate up a lot of our time and energy. In spite of this, Summer just zoomed right buy us. It's just 10 more days until Fall and we don't know where the time went.

Part of September and October will be dedicated to getting more work done on the motorhome which we finally settled on a name for. We like to use TV character names and since this rig is something we have been dreaming of since day one, we thought it only fitting to name her Jeannie. There is a broken bolt on the exhaust manifold, a loose spark plug and the 12 volt system suddently stopped working. We think the 12 volt problem might be the house batteries not keeping a charge.  That has, yet, to be diagnosed.

Fall will be arriving which means cooler weather and shorter days. Cooler weather is always welcome, but not so much the shorter days.  We still can't go south because of our medical insurance which will not cover anything out of state and we don't know anyone who can cold pack medications and ship it to us. We often feel like we're being held hostage by the insurance company.

Anyway, I digress. So, for now there will be no great adventures probably until next Spring/Summer. Hopefully gas prices will come back down to a manageable level by then.  Keeping fingers crossed. In the meantime we will hunker down for the Fall and Winter and work on Jeannie.