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Farewell Endora

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It didn't take long for us to get responses from our Craigslist Ad and a couple of kids came and took Endora to her new home today.  It is a huge relief to be able to close that chapter of our lives.

We were open and honest about everything wrong with the coach. They know people who flip RVs for a living and will be able to come and help them fix everything up. That was good to know.

I forgot to mention in previous posts that we took the Allegro to a mechanic for a look-see to let us know if there's any work that should be done immediately. They were pleasantly surprised that the coach is in really good condition. Front brakes are new, 50% in the rear. There is a tie-rod end a little sloppy, but nothing to be concerned with right away and a Y link showing some wear that we should keep an eye on. We know from driving it that the exhaust manifold is leaking and they mentioned that. Now we can take the funds from the sale of Endora and put it towards getting the exhaust manifold fixed on the Allegro.  We just need to find a shop that will do it!

We decided to call the Allegro "Jeannie".  She is a wish come true.