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Endora Update: H 2 Oh!

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After the black tank disaster (see previous post) we finally got to hook the rig up to city water.

Don turned the water on and I went around looking for any leaks.  I discovered one under the bathroom sink.  Don determined that it was coming from the hot water line going into the faucet.  For a quick and easy fix, so that we can finally have running water, he put a shut-off valve in the middle of the line. Fixing it at the faucet is a little more involved and will delay us having running water and I didn't want that. I'm tired of using water out of a one gallon jug. Now we finally have running water.

The next issue is the water heater. Propane doesn't work (most likely the regulator needs to be replaced) so we can't test the heater. For now, I'll have to heat water on the stove until we can either fix the propane or get an electric water heater. We are leaning towards putting the money into an electric water heater. One less fuel to have to buy.

Next we need to figure out why the pump to the fresh water tank keeps wanting to pressurize the tank every 20 seconds or so. We determined that the tank holds approximately 50 gallons. It's 1/4 full at the moment, so it could either be that it tries to keep pressure while being so low, or the check valve is failing, or there's another leak in the system somewhere.  If there's another leak somewhere I hope it's not behind the shower wall or in an inaccesible, hidden spot.

We also need to find the drain for the tank so that we can sanitize the system.  Stay tuned!