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It finally happened.  Covid came knocking.  After 2 arduous years of being so careful, too. It's so frustrating and you have no idea how angry we are right now. It started with Don and spread to me and our best friend. It's been said that every person on the planet will get it at least once. We were so hoping we could beat that statistic, but here we are.

Don has, literally, not been anywhere else or in close proximity to any other people for more than 2 weeks before this  happened so we know to where we can trace it. I was sure to give them a call.

It all began when he went to get a haircut on May 14th for the upcoming summer season. No one in the salon was masked.

May 17th Don started having cold-like symptoms.  On the 19th we did a rapid home test and it came back positive.  He tried calling his doctors, left several messages and none of them returned his calls. Nice, huh.

Meanwhile, we are keeping our best friend company while her husband is out of town. She and I were asymptomatic at the time and tested negative.  The following day, May 20th,  she went into a local clinic for the official test and by midnight the results came back positive. We both started feeling bad at around the time when the results came in.

May 21st I was woken up by a very sore throat and glands in my neck that are tender to the touch, so there's no doubt I have it too. My friends urged me to test again. In my mind that was wasting a test, but okay. To appease the gods I did and within 2 seconds the 2nd stripe, indicating positive, showed up.


Will keep you posted.