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Covid-19 and Heading Home

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Joyce here. Just want to update everyone to let you know that we are, as far as we know, doing OK and are keeping to ourselves as much as possible.  We have gone from knowing someone who knows someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 to knowing someone who has it.  We are taking the social distancing and self-isolation thing very seriously. Don is a prime candidate to get taken out by this thing.  We use rubber gloves and wash hands often, we use disinfecting wipes to clean things we touch a lot (door handles, steering wheel, phone, wallet, etc.).

We are still puzzled by all the hoarding. We have the gloves and wipes since we started full time RV. They're really handy for dealing with sewer connections. Can't find these things in the stores anymore.  Toilet paper isn't an issue since we use bidet. Normally we dry off with paper, and toss that in the trash. Worse case scenario, either drip dry or dry off with a cloth. No problem. 

We are currently on the first leg of our trip back home. We said our farewells to family in Sun City and headed to Quartzsite.

After Quartzsite, we will be in Palm Springs.

It came down from corporate that Thousand Trails are to close all the facilities in their parks (common areas and bathrooms) beccause of the Covid-19. So far the resorts are still open.We received word that all parks in Washington, including areas for dispersed camping, are closed. If Thousand Trails should also close, we do have friends who will let us park in their driveway or side yard.

Other than that, we are enjoying Quartzsite for the short time we'll be here, until next year. The stars were absolutely amazing last night. It was a nice clear sky and no light pollution from any large cities so the cosmic show was spectacular.

Until next time, remember to check our Youtube channel. I am hoping to make a video every week to keep everyone updated.

Stay safe and healthy, y'all!