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Back Home At Last

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We left Palm Springs RV Resort in Palm Desert on April 11th and reached our final destination on April 16th.

Turns out that Don can do a lot more driving than he thought he could. The last day he drove 325 miles.

Thankfully, it was smooth sailing all the way. We used the rest areas along I-5 for our over night stays. We would arrive late afternoon (around 2:00 PM or 3:00 PM) and leave by late morning (no later than 10 AM). No one ever bothered us.

In California--

Le Bec Rest Area Exit 206 - over night 

Button Willow Rest Area Exit 259 - pit stop

John "Chuck" Erreca Rest Area Exit 386 - over night

Dunnigan Rest Area Exit 557 - pit stop

Willows Rest Area Exit 608 (Dump Station Available) - over night

In Oregon--

Manzanita Rest Area  Exit 62 - over night

Santiam Rest Area Exit 240 - pit stop

In Washington--

Walmart Super Center, Chehalis Exit 79 - over night

Milton Rest Area Exit 140 (Dump Station Available) - pit stop

Once we got to our final destination in Everett, we knew we would be self quarantining for 2 weeks before going into our friends' house. Don shopped at the Walmart first thing in the morning. He was actually able to get disinfecting wipes and paper towels. That's the first time we've been able to get any since the pandemic started.

We dumped our tanks and filled up with fresh water at the Milton Rest Area, had lunch and prepared for the final leg of the trip. After this we wouldn't be stopping until we got to our friends' house in Everett.

We are extremely grateful that this trip was smooth sailing all the way. No "close calls", no issues with the van. No issues with anything, really.  Not even any traffic, although we encountered a slow-down going through Portland, Oregon, which left us to wonder where that many essential-travel-only folks were going.

We are happy to be home and will be preparing for our next season of full time RVing.

See you soon! Stay healthy!