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After Mohs Procedure: Healing Well

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Just want to update everyone that my scar is healing and I found out why the whole thing hurt so bad. Turns out the people with Fibromyalgia can aquire a hypersensitivity to pain. I have some lumpy bits where the sutures were and just under my eye. I get to start massaging these areas in a few days to help with that. I also get to start using sunblock and makeup. The area is numb so it feels extremely weird. All in all, things are going well. It's going to take 2  years to fully heal.

On a side note, we are currently house sitting for some friends who went on vacation. We are taking care of their cats while they're away.

Since the change in season and this whole skin cancer thing, I have just not been feeling up to snuff and haven't done any filming or even any crafting. The biopsy and Mohs triggered a Fibro Flare that has just wiped me out.  I have a video in the can, I just need to get an ending for it, which is proving difficult for me right now.

Other than that we are well and hope you are too.